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Friday, October 18, 2013

50 States Of Horror Inside The Horrorwalker Travel Guide!

Over the past few months, I have been placing a small image of the cover for "Horrorwalker Travel Guide Vol. 1" on display when I advertise the horror. Here is a larger image of the book so that more detail can be seen.

The photo on the cover represent the content inside one of the horror tales inside Horrorwalker Travel Guide.

Volume 2 is done and ready for publication. Look for it at the beginning of 2014. Meanwhile, go to my blogs, including:


for the full length examples of Horrorwalker horror. And if you like what you read... I'll continue to write what you read.

Available through Amazon.com on paper and the Kindle Reader.

Become a part of the horror in my "World Of Words" that is" The Arjayuniverse..." including... Horrorwalker Travel Guide!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

For Your Perusal... Another Example Of Horrorwalker Horror!


Hello horror world...
My Name is Robin Birdie Eggart.
I am just a drone worker in the Human Resources Department,
 In one of the back offices at a very busy auto parts store.
I’m no writer,
But I am a writer for today.
I was just scared almost to death by that thing...
That Horrorwalker creature...
As it cornered me in the copy room...
And made me read this awful story of horror and death.

This copy room is all the way in the darkest back area of this multi-room office.
I stepped into the brightly lit,
Fully stocked with copy products, 
Slightly cramped room as usual...
To make ten copies of this report in my hands.
I stepped before copier number 4 and set-up my work.
Just as I pressed the copy button,
I heard a slight whisper of a movement behind me.
I turned around and there it was...
In all its black absence of light monstrosity,
Standing so close to me that the massive,
Eerie tome in its clawed hand almost touched my nose.
Its weapon-like thing in its other hand scraped the ceiling.
I almost died from the shock!

I pissed on myself!

But The Horrorwalker did not appear to notice anything about me,
Other than the fact that it obviously wanted me to take that book...
Into my tiny hands...
And for me to read that god awful story!

As the usual story goes with those of us who are visited by the Horrorwalker,
We are compelled to read the Horrorwalker story designed for us.
I have heard about the Horrorwalker process for all of my life!
Now, I have experienced it for myself.
And yes... I will never be the same.

Time is standing still for me right now.
How long have I been in this copy room?
Nobody has come in here for what seems like days.
I suppose a part of my Horrorwalker experience is to write this missive...
And time will wait for me to finish it.
So far, I have filled six of these full sized note pads --
And I have a lot more to write.

Presented to the world,
From my pen to your eyes,
Here is what The Horrorwalker forced me to read today!
And may god help us all,
For if there is one thing the world knows,
That is --
What The Horrorwalker presents to us humans always comes true!


Robin Birdie Eggart’s Horrorwalker tale

Well hello there, Cornish Gordon. I bet the very last thoughts you ever imagined you would have right before your death would be independent words and thoughts welling up from deep inside your own mind, right? 
Well, guess what? I am talking to you right now so that you might, or might not, have a little peace of mind as you draw your final breaths of life. I have a profound question for you to ponder before you pass on into the void that is human death -- ‘Are the thoughts of human beings ever really their own?’
I have a doozy of a tale to tell you.
So sit back in your corner of this darkened room, wipe away the blood expressing from your lips and nose, press yourself upright against the wall from your seated position on the concrete, embrace the exquisite clarity of your bone breaking pain and marvel at my abilities as I slow down your heartbeat so that your blood will escape your broken body a little slower... so that you can live long enough to savor the last words sentiments in these, the last words you will ever hear.
Consider the formerly unknown tale of your life that I’m telling you, Mister Assassin, called:


You were minding your own business the other night while shoving six dynamite sticks into the holes you drilled into the lower support of East End Bridge on the east side of town. Do you remember how, from out of the depths of your imagination, you pulled down the notion of destroying the bridge? Do you remember how much you wanted to see the aftermath of the explosion? Remember thinking these words --
“explosion = fun for me.”
You were ready to party with the mayhem.
You gathered the rest of your stuff, extracted your lighter, lit the three foot long fuses as one and then ran like hell to get away from the scene. 
Do you remember...



In the main time,
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


horrorwalkerworld.blogspot.com.com presents:

I have posted this dark example of my Horrorwalker Travel Guide tales before.
For new readers of the horror,
 Is another bloody taste of a... 
Horrorwalker Travel Guide horror tale.


Here... a tale tale of horror from a writer, most prolific and underfed..
He tried and tried to publish before he was dead!
He sent in many samples of his works...
Received many rejection letters from cold jerks,
Before deciding to rely on himself instead!

Rejection from the "Corporations are people, too" mentality is so much shit! The work is what matters... and this work is a perfect example of the kind of horror that modern short attention span people love! Short, sweet-to-the-point horror stories that make a straight line to the heart is what I am told that my fans like about what I write. And, I produce at least four of these kinds of stories every day.

I write all day, every day, about a little bit of everything. I am all over the internet. I've yet to be paid, but I KNOW I deserve pay for my work. But that desire will never stop me from writing... horror stories for horror fans!



-Seaford, Delaware-

I cannot cry because:
A dead man cannot shed tears.
My heart does not beat,
Therefore my sweat glands and tear ducts
Do not receive internal moisture.

I was once a vibrant human male!
You could cut me and I would bleed red!
But now I am a cursed abomination…
A soulless thing that must commit horrible crimes,
If I am to survive the cold void call nighttime!

I am compelled to kill humans for their blood and flesh!
Then I hide in the dark shadows by day,
Like some mangy mongrel feral animal,
Warring with my social cravings to preserve my sad life.
I am a wild animal of fangs and hair to be destroyed on sight!

And if I could cry…
I would weep saline tears over my recent soul shattering loss.
I would cry because I cannot bare to continue to walk this earth…
Without my trusty companion…
My blind German Sheppard, Elmo. 

Monday night was filled with nightmare dreams of…
The time before my turning when I was a human being.
My wife was my best friend of ten years.
My three young children were my reason for living and working.
And Elmo was my friend before my family formed.

The memories kick me like a steel toed boot to my shin!
I was attacked by a feral beast monster that night three years ago.
I spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from my back wounds.
One horrible month later -- at midnight -- the first night of the new full moon,
I transformed into the horrible monster that I am today!

I murdered my family as they slept!
I ripped them all to shreds like a pack of lions at a kill!
I ran out into the darkness to kiss the feral freedom of wild nature!
My newly created animal madness was now my reality!
And Elmo followed behind me like my compatriot in animal crime!

I now have a small bit of control over my animal id.
Until the bloodlust overtakes me, I can hide away from my prey.
I don’t think I will fight for control any longer.
This dead man cannot cry away his grief, and now…
The last visage of my formal humanity has just left me!

Elmo died list night!
He was thirteen years old and I could smell the end of his life.
I am sad inside my mind for the lost of my longtime companion.
But, I cannot cry… and so, these thoughts of emotion are moot!
And the feral part of me took over again as I held him in my arms.
I slowly ate Elmo from head to tail…
Crunching away the last parts of my humanity with each bite!
I consumed every part of my canine friend…
Licking the last drops of blood off the dirty back alley concrete floor.
And with that last taste of blood went my humanity into my stomach!

I cannot cry because:
A dead man cannot shed tears.
I am now the complete monster I was turned into!
Time to turn on my newly mindless thoughts…
And prowl the midnight for my food… and quite possibly my own death!


Saturday, July 20, 2013


-Santa Barbara, California- 

I’m your local psychopath.
I’m so damn glad to meet you.
I've got plenty of party favors.
I've got all the stuff a crazy man is supposed to have.

I may attack you in the schoolyard. I may attack you in your home.
I may attack you at your job.
I may attack you anywhere I wish.

I keep a small handgun strapped to my ankle.
I keep a razor sharp knife in my pocket.
I keep other weapons of terror in my automobile trunk.
I have all the force for mayhem I need.

I am immune from the law because I am the law.
What I say goes and it goes as I say.
I hit below the belt to keep my target off balance.
I create the thrill because I need the thrill.

I drive the red BMW you you've seen in your rear view mirror.
I own seventy pounds of Ammo.
I've bred many a Pit Bull Terrier.
I live next door to you and you think I am normal.

What I’m doing right now is biding my time.
I’m watching you closely because you are my next target.
I’m waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
When the time is right there will be hard consequences.

I've tracked the movements of your children.
You do not watch them very closely, do you?
I've tracked the patterns of your close friends and associates.
Single women like you,
With too many children and responsibilities,
Are the ones who should be the most careful.
You should always make sure your children lock the doors behind them.
Make sure the windows are secure because I know how to get inside.
I will strike as quietly as a mouse.
I will leave like a stealthy tiger.

You would think I’m insane if you really knew me.
Lucky for me you think I’m normal.
But you don’t know my background.
You don’t know about ‘Mister Darkness’ --
He who lives in my dreams and makes me do bad things to people that are my focus!
Oh my god, the aftermath chaos is so good for his ego.
I've been told by all of the shrinks that I’m actually in control…
Of my body when ‘Mister Darkness’ takes over.
That is so much bullshit.
He is in charge during the darkest times!
Not one of the shrinks has ever asked ‘Mister Darkness’ why he does what he does.

I have grown to absolutely accept ‘Mister Darkness’ for what he is.
I now actually love the loss of control,
And welcome the arrival of the loss of my mind,
When he comes out to play.
It all makes me appreciate his handiwork even more…
When he retreats to the back of my mind.
I enjoy picking through his bloody messes.

I’m your local psychopath.
I’m so damn glad to meet you.
I've got plenty of party favors.
I've got all the stuff a crazy man is supposed to have.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Dreamer


...examples of the Horrorwalker Travel Guide horror...
Available on paper and the Amazon.com Kindle device.

(Seattle, Washington)

My name is April Tan.

I believe I am a beautiful Japanese-American woman of 24 years old. I am 5’6” tall, busty, very fit, love the NFL and play Chess. I am wanting of the things most young women want from life – love, job security and a respectful man in my life. I’m working all that out every day of my life. My traditional parents might as well be from the 15th century… for they are very serious about me meeting and marrying a traditional Japanese boy.

No way!

I was born right here is Seattle, Washington and I want a black man in my life. I just have to find the right one for me. My parents, and immediate family… even those back in Akita… know this about me and it drives them crazy. But I have a larger life issue that I have to best before I can gain that relationship I crave. You see… I hear The Whisperer.

The sound made by the other worldly noises is not the real bother. The problem I have is when the Whisperer takes control of my actions on the physical plane of my existence. It has made me to do some very frightening things to…

When I wake up in the morning and I can tangibly feel the sticky blood coagulated between the fingers on my hands… then I know another nightmare scenario is lying on the bed beside me! Some more scary shit went down last night!

Today is the day I have a showdown with my parents about the living nightmare that is in my life.
Obviously, someone within my family structure has called “The Baku” from the spirit void to invade my dreams. There are several elders in my family lineage, including my mother, who have the ability to sing the song that pulls up “The Baku.” I know her refusal to speak to me for the past year either means she knows who has called The Dream Eater to attack my mind and soul as I sleep… or that person is her!

Father has refused to allow me to speak to her until I renounce my interracial intentions!

But this is my life and I have to lead it my way. I cannot help who, or what, I am attracted to in my love life… and I have no intentions of changing my mind, even if my family is making me kill my lovers, by proxy of “The Baku.”

Yes, Jasper is dead in his sleep! I have sliced his neck from ear to ear, stabbed him once in his heart and cut out his lungs… which are now missing. Either “The Baku” physically reached out of the dream void to take the lungs as payment for the song… or, I have devoured the lungs for “The Baku.”

My mouth is covered in blood!

This is the second lovely man I have murdered. I did these acts. Father, and 6 other men of the family, disposed of Mario 11 months ago. I never promised to never date another black man, but the nightmares instantly faded as the days passed after Mario vanished. It was obvious right from the beginning, when the nightmare whisperings began to tell me evil things, that I was possessed… but I never knew that The Whisperer would make me kill Mario.

The guilt was oppressive, at first. By proxy, or not… I was a murderess. But how do I explain old world Japanese spirit traditions to modern police. So, I took the coward’s way out of my predicament. I blamed it all on the dreams… and continued with life.

I met Jasper one month ago. My fear overpowered me, but I am a romantic driven by my ideas of love. He is such a lovely man that I though that if I could keep the relationship secret then nothing evil would happen. And now, without warning, I have killed again.

I will not become a serial killer pawn for a supernatural freak monster that doesn’t even belong in this modern world. The key to stopping this madness resides within my mother’s heart. I must end this now.

I’ve called father and told him it has happened again. I’ll clean the blood off myself and hide down the hallway. When he arrives I will run down the stairs, hop into my car and drive over to mother’s. We have to talk.

Maybe I’ll cut out her lungs and offer them to “The Baku!”


Friday, February 8, 2013

The Horrorwalker Travel Guide -- Global Horror

Below is the cover for The Horrorwalker Travel Guide. This is volume 1 in a series that could possibly go on forever. Below the cover is the Table of Contents for the book. These are but a few of the horror tales gleaned from those who have been visited by The Horrorwalker.
The Horrorwalker exists on the Horrorwalker World... another World of Words inside The Arjayuniverse. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, monsters and things all populate the Horrorwalker World. And the most dangerous creature of them all, The Humans, are more often the hunter than the prey.
What is The Horrorwalker? Why does The Horrorwalker interact with the human population in the way it does? And, where does The Horrorwalker vanish to when it is not interacting with the Horrorwalker human population? The beginnings of the answers can be discovered @ http://www.thehorrorwalkerworld.blogspot.com. But, expect to find other questions to deepen the mystery, too.
And here, on the Horrorwalker Travel Guide blog, Curator Ronald Lee Jones shares with you the recountings of those who have been visited by The Horrorwalker. All of these recountings come directly from the mouths of the Horrorwalker's victims who are willing to talk about their Horrorwalker experience. Some humans are more than happy to tell you their complete stories, while others have sworn the Curator to secrecy.
You may read some of the many recountings on the Horrorwalker Travel Guide blog from week to week. Also, the Horrorwalker Travel Guide gives you a pocket guide to the Horrorwalker horror. If you value your life, and you desire Horrorwalker knowledge, and you are willing to help the Curator fund his life's work of bringing you Horrorwalker horror... PURCHASE YOUR COPY OF THE HORRORWALKER TRAVEL GUIDE TODAY!
PS -- Do you want to prepare yourself for your possible own Horrorwalker visitation? The Horrorwalker might appear before you like a ghost in the darkest night, or it may appear before you like a zombie in the brightest of day. One thing is for sure, no one escapes the shock value of a Horrorwalker visitation!
The first recounting in The Horrorwalker Travel Guide is Suri Pinto's story. She perfectly relates her Horrorwalker encounter to the rest of the world. And, as she will willingly tell you, the memory of the encounter has never left her dreams.
The Curator was so affected by her tale that he even allowed her crude sketch of The Horrorwalker to grace some of these pages.
Suri's tale is the perfect beginning to The Horrorwalker Travel Guide!

Introduction 9

Suri Anne Pinto’s Horrorwalker Story
(Sumter, South Carolina) 14

Why Is There Blood on the Front of My Shirt?
(Falstaff, Arizona) 23

It’s Under My Bed
(Olympia, Washington) 37

(Atlanta, Georgia) 45

Moonlight Moth
(Washington, DC) 49

Better Late Than Never
(Boston, Massachusetts) 54

Diary Entry #73
(Wolf Point, Montana) 56

Dust on the Moon
(Tyler, Texas) 61

In Your Head
(Grand Junction, Colorado) 67

The Lack of Sleep
(Bangor, Maine) 71

What’s Eating Me?
(Robert Harmon - Montvale, NJ) 74

I’m Your Neighbor
(Valparaiso, Florida) 80

This Moment in Time
(Conway, South Carolina) 84

Enter Net Access
(Tulsa, Oklahoma) 109

On The Loose
(Caleb Marx -- New Madrid, Missouri) 112

Whispered Words
(Marion Praecox -- Arlington, Texas) 116

Watch Out For The Blades
(Seaford, Delaware) 121

Do You Hear the Whisperers?
(Harrisonburg, Virginia) 128

The Hiding Place
(Hamilton, Ohio) 130

Midnight at the Watering Hole
(Las Cruces, New Mexico) 133  
Bite Me
(Shelbyville, Tennessee) 138

Bleeding For You
(Rugby, North Dakota) 143

Cold Blood
(Sioux City, Iowa) 155

(Mojave Desert, Nevada) 159

Insulted To Death
(Parkersburg, West Virginia) 162

Deep Down South
(Bangor, Maine) 164



Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is This Really A Trailer For the EVIL DEAD 2013

Fans of all things horror... we all agree that the Evil Dead series by Sam Raimi is pure horror classic material. How many horror movies are better than Evil Dead 2... for pure lunatic fringe, slapstick horror craziness? Not many. And it was the humor injected into the madness, both by Raimi and Campbell, that is the pure genius of the Evil Dead 2.
This remake appears to equal the carnage of the bloodbath of the original... but where is the humor? Again, here we go with another remake of a classic movie that is stripped of the SPIRIT that made the original movies so easy to watch again and again and again -- the slapstick direction and the cringe in your seat humor.

I will not kill the movie before it has been released. But, why call call this straight horror movie Evil Dead, when it surely doesn't appear to be!

Another example of such blasphemy was the recent remake of Fright Night! If you haven't seen the original Fright Night from 1985, you have missed one of the greatest vampire movies ever made. Period! You will be shocked at how well Fright Night holds up in 2013. The horror is pure, the cast is fantastic, the humor is there to ease the horror and the conclusion is perfect. The acting god, Roddy McDowall, gave one of his better performances in this movie.

The disco scene... oh my god what an iconic scene -- with the horror, the menace, and the music. WOW!

The 2011 Fright Night remake starring Colin Farrell was a joke... and I don't mean funny. The movie was as devoid of soul as Colin Ferrell! And the abject crapping on the Roddy McDowall character with the... I don't even know what that twisting of the character was in this remake... dude, was simply what made me lose all respect for this remake!

Purchase, not rent, the original Fright Night! You will not regret it... like I hope I will not regret killing two hours with this "EVIL DEAD" remake when it is released!