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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Who is going to investigate the aliens who have taken over the Republican wing of the government of my United States of America. The crazy men and women, democrats and Republicans, are acting as nutty as the slimy governmental dark figures in an X-Files episode!

I don't remember the episode where everybody was pushed over a cliff to their deaths.

Where are Scully and Mulder when we need them. I guarantee you that Mulder would have proven by now that Darrell Issa, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Eric Cantor are all shape shifting aliens from a dark star from the black void beyond our galaxy sent here to first disrupt the government of the United States of America… and then to infect the rest of the world with their virus of derision, corruption and mistrust. The diabolical otherworldly plot is to weaken the governments of the planet earth for their inevitable grand invasion!

Mulder would have discovered that Darrell Issa-Alien was secretly the leader of the invasion! Scully would have already perform an autopsy on Issa-Alien’s dead body by now -- which has reverted back to its natural vile alien form when Issa-Alien tried to attack Mulder and Mulder had to shoot him in what he thought was his heart, but it was instead his brain -- only to discover that Issa-Alien is in fact a heartless monster!

Of course, the story ends when Mulder exposes the vile body of Issa-Alien to the world press and the American populace begins to root out the heartless, soulless alien monsters that have hijacked the Republican party, and infected some of the Democrats, too.

That is the Horrorwalker Travel Guide version of the insanity that has infected Washington, DC!

We hope we are wrong!


Thursday, November 29, 2012




Here, for your perusal, is my true horror vocation... The Horrorwalker Travel Guide! I have been writing, and collecting my own horror short tales, for my Horrorwalker Travel guide concept since the 1970's.
There are a couple of Horrorwalker novels in the works, too... but I am primarily a short story writer.
You can view examples of my Horrorwalker tales all over the place, like on my Facebook pages or in my Horrorwalker Presents: Meals For Vampires book and it's blog site and Facebook page. Plus, I have the Horrorwalker.com web site that I am slowly working on!
The basic concept is... there is dark horror lying in wait in the 50 states of America. The Horrorwalker, a mysterious and frightening human-like creature moves across the earth by unknown dark means, wrapped in total mystery, presenting horror stories to apparently random, and some not so random, humans and forces them to read a tale from it's bizarre Horrorwalker tome... of the horror that it has obviously witnessed and somehow placed the full details onto the pages of it's huge volume. After the encounter, the Horrorwalker vanishes... oftentimes right before the eyes of the human.
These frightful tales are of werewolves, vampires, monsters, creatures, things and the most dangerous creature of them all -- the humans!
Humans who have been approached by the Horrorwalker are compelled to either take action in regard to what they have read, or record the tale for the benefit of others. These are the stories that end up on the Horrorwalker websites, and inside the Horrorwalker Travel Guide and other Horrorwalker books.
And here, now, before you is your opportunity to educate yourself about the Horrorwalker horror. There is a reason the Horrorwalker exists... and you want to be aware of the facts before it visits you!
Here, for your perusal... The Horrorwalker Travel Guide!
"Sometimes you just have to scream... Bloody Murder!"

Monday, July 2, 2012


I see a lot of fans of horror movies posting lots of information about all things scary. I do not see a lot of postings about David Cronenberg.

Remember the fantastic Jeff Goldblum version of The Fly? Directed by David Cronenberg. Remember the movie version of The Dead Zone? Directed by David Cronenberg. Remember The Brood? Directed by David Cronenberg.

Remember the fantastic, fatalistic They Came From Within? If you are a horror fan, and you haven’t seen this brutally hardcore movie of how the world becomes infected with the monstrous “They Came From Within”, then you are missing a masterpiece of environmental CDC type horror!

How about Naked Lunch, or Rabid, or Videodrome!

And lately, David Cronenberg has shifted away from over the top bloody and messy horror to just bloody and messy action and intensity! Like, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and back to the creepiness of A Dangerous Method!

But, as much as I love The Fly and They Came From Within… it is Scanners that grabs me by the heart every time I see it. Don’t just take these words… research Scanners and try to put your mind back in 1981 when concepts like this were new, fresh and outrageously scary.

Yea, this director is simply great with the horror he has inflicted upon us over the decades. If you don’t know his work, and you are a horror fan, then you have to research his library of content and dabble in the absurdly crazy and profound type of film making this man embraces.

I haven’t even talked about the frightening, make you doubt the sanity of your own doctor, derision and psychological horror of Dead Ringers! Oh, and how about Crash! And, how about Spider. And more stuff if you look for it!

Good job, David Cronenberg!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Short Review of: GHOST STORIES

Hey fans of horror stuff. Have you ever seen this box set? All the information about the content is right there on the cover.

There are 40 half hour episodes in this box set. All are eerie, some are scary and a few are downright frightening. If you like ghost stories then this is for you.

Nothing compares to the Twilight Zone! And this box set is no exception. But, the production team tried hard to make some very skin crawling atmosphere in many of these these ghost tales. My short little mood poem below is the prefect primer to read before you watch the first episode.

On a scary ebon night...
When the stormy winds blow through the darkened wavy trees,
And swirling things bump against vibrating windows --
When outside dogs howl through their fear...
The perfect atmosphere is created for tales of ghosts and things.

On a scary ebon night....
When you wonder, 'what made that noise in the attic?' --
As you cringe as yet another thunder clap rattles your windows --
When you pull your comfort blanket even closer to your body...
That is the perfect time to pull out and watch some... GHOST STORIES!