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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is This Really A Trailer For the EVIL DEAD 2013

Fans of all things horror... we all agree that the Evil Dead series by Sam Raimi is pure horror classic material. How many horror movies are better than Evil Dead 2... for pure lunatic fringe, slapstick horror craziness? Not many. And it was the humor injected into the madness, both by Raimi and Campbell, that is the pure genius of the Evil Dead 2.
This remake appears to equal the carnage of the bloodbath of the original... but where is the humor? Again, here we go with another remake of a classic movie that is stripped of the SPIRIT that made the original movies so easy to watch again and again and again -- the slapstick direction and the cringe in your seat humor.

I will not kill the movie before it has been released. But, why call call this straight horror movie Evil Dead, when it surely doesn't appear to be!

Another example of such blasphemy was the recent remake of Fright Night! If you haven't seen the original Fright Night from 1985, you have missed one of the greatest vampire movies ever made. Period! You will be shocked at how well Fright Night holds up in 2013. The horror is pure, the cast is fantastic, the humor is there to ease the horror and the conclusion is perfect. The acting god, Roddy McDowall, gave one of his better performances in this movie.

The disco scene... oh my god what an iconic scene -- with the horror, the menace, and the music. WOW!

The 2011 Fright Night remake starring Colin Farrell was a joke... and I don't mean funny. The movie was as devoid of soul as Colin Ferrell! And the abject crapping on the Roddy McDowall character with the... I don't even know what that twisting of the character was in this remake... dude, was simply what made me lose all respect for this remake!

Purchase, not rent, the original Fright Night! You will not regret it... like I hope I will not regret killing two hours with this "EVIL DEAD" remake when it is released!