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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Who is going to investigate the aliens who have taken over the Republican wing of the government of my United States of America. The crazy men and women, democrats and Republicans, are acting as nutty as the slimy governmental dark figures in an X-Files episode!

I don't remember the episode where everybody was pushed over a cliff to their deaths.

Where are Scully and Mulder when we need them. I guarantee you that Mulder would have proven by now that Darrell Issa, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John Boehner and Eric Cantor are all shape shifting aliens from a dark star from the black void beyond our galaxy sent here to first disrupt the government of the United States of America… and then to infect the rest of the world with their virus of derision, corruption and mistrust. The diabolical otherworldly plot is to weaken the governments of the planet earth for their inevitable grand invasion!

Mulder would have discovered that Darrell Issa-Alien was secretly the leader of the invasion! Scully would have already perform an autopsy on Issa-Alien’s dead body by now -- which has reverted back to its natural vile alien form when Issa-Alien tried to attack Mulder and Mulder had to shoot him in what he thought was his heart, but it was instead his brain -- only to discover that Issa-Alien is in fact a heartless monster!

Of course, the story ends when Mulder exposes the vile body of Issa-Alien to the world press and the American populace begins to root out the heartless, soulless alien monsters that have hijacked the Republican party, and infected some of the Democrats, too.

That is the Horrorwalker Travel Guide version of the insanity that has infected Washington, DC!

We hope we are wrong!