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Monday, July 2, 2012


I see a lot of fans of horror movies posting lots of information about all things scary. I do not see a lot of postings about David Cronenberg.

Remember the fantastic Jeff Goldblum version of The Fly? Directed by David Cronenberg. Remember the movie version of The Dead Zone? Directed by David Cronenberg. Remember The Brood? Directed by David Cronenberg.

Remember the fantastic, fatalistic They Came From Within? If you are a horror fan, and you haven’t seen this brutally hardcore movie of how the world becomes infected with the monstrous “They Came From Within”, then you are missing a masterpiece of environmental CDC type horror!

How about Naked Lunch, or Rabid, or Videodrome!

And lately, David Cronenberg has shifted away from over the top bloody and messy horror to just bloody and messy action and intensity! Like, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises and back to the creepiness of A Dangerous Method!

But, as much as I love The Fly and They Came From Within… it is Scanners that grabs me by the heart every time I see it. Don’t just take these words… research Scanners and try to put your mind back in 1981 when concepts like this were new, fresh and outrageously scary.

Yea, this director is simply great with the horror he has inflicted upon us over the decades. If you don’t know his work, and you are a horror fan, then you have to research his library of content and dabble in the absurdly crazy and profound type of film making this man embraces.

I haven’t even talked about the frightening, make you doubt the sanity of your own doctor, derision and psychological horror of Dead Ringers! Oh, and how about Crash! And, how about Spider. And more stuff if you look for it!

Good job, David Cronenberg!