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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Dreamer


...examples of the Horrorwalker Travel Guide horror...
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(Seattle, Washington)

My name is April Tan.

I believe I am a beautiful Japanese-American woman of 24 years old. I am 5’6” tall, busty, very fit, love the NFL and play Chess. I am wanting of the things most young women want from life – love, job security and a respectful man in my life. I’m working all that out every day of my life. My traditional parents might as well be from the 15th century… for they are very serious about me meeting and marrying a traditional Japanese boy.

No way!

I was born right here is Seattle, Washington and I want a black man in my life. I just have to find the right one for me. My parents, and immediate family… even those back in Akita… know this about me and it drives them crazy. But I have a larger life issue that I have to best before I can gain that relationship I crave. You see… I hear The Whisperer.

The sound made by the other worldly noises is not the real bother. The problem I have is when the Whisperer takes control of my actions on the physical plane of my existence. It has made me to do some very frightening things to…

When I wake up in the morning and I can tangibly feel the sticky blood coagulated between the fingers on my hands… then I know another nightmare scenario is lying on the bed beside me! Some more scary shit went down last night!

Today is the day I have a showdown with my parents about the living nightmare that is in my life.
Obviously, someone within my family structure has called “The Baku” from the spirit void to invade my dreams. There are several elders in my family lineage, including my mother, who have the ability to sing the song that pulls up “The Baku.” I know her refusal to speak to me for the past year either means she knows who has called The Dream Eater to attack my mind and soul as I sleep… or that person is her!

Father has refused to allow me to speak to her until I renounce my interracial intentions!

But this is my life and I have to lead it my way. I cannot help who, or what, I am attracted to in my love life… and I have no intentions of changing my mind, even if my family is making me kill my lovers, by proxy of “The Baku.”

Yes, Jasper is dead in his sleep! I have sliced his neck from ear to ear, stabbed him once in his heart and cut out his lungs… which are now missing. Either “The Baku” physically reached out of the dream void to take the lungs as payment for the song… or, I have devoured the lungs for “The Baku.”

My mouth is covered in blood!

This is the second lovely man I have murdered. I did these acts. Father, and 6 other men of the family, disposed of Mario 11 months ago. I never promised to never date another black man, but the nightmares instantly faded as the days passed after Mario vanished. It was obvious right from the beginning, when the nightmare whisperings began to tell me evil things, that I was possessed… but I never knew that The Whisperer would make me kill Mario.

The guilt was oppressive, at first. By proxy, or not… I was a murderess. But how do I explain old world Japanese spirit traditions to modern police. So, I took the coward’s way out of my predicament. I blamed it all on the dreams… and continued with life.

I met Jasper one month ago. My fear overpowered me, but I am a romantic driven by my ideas of love. He is such a lovely man that I though that if I could keep the relationship secret then nothing evil would happen. And now, without warning, I have killed again.

I will not become a serial killer pawn for a supernatural freak monster that doesn’t even belong in this modern world. The key to stopping this madness resides within my mother’s heart. I must end this now.

I’ve called father and told him it has happened again. I’ll clean the blood off myself and hide down the hallway. When he arrives I will run down the stairs, hop into my car and drive over to mother’s. We have to talk.

Maybe I’ll cut out her lungs and offer them to “The Baku!”


Friday, February 8, 2013

The Horrorwalker Travel Guide -- Global Horror

Below is the cover for The Horrorwalker Travel Guide. This is volume 1 in a series that could possibly go on forever. Below the cover is the Table of Contents for the book. These are but a few of the horror tales gleaned from those who have been visited by The Horrorwalker.
The Horrorwalker exists on the Horrorwalker World... another World of Words inside The Arjayuniverse. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, monsters and things all populate the Horrorwalker World. And the most dangerous creature of them all, The Humans, are more often the hunter than the prey.
What is The Horrorwalker? Why does The Horrorwalker interact with the human population in the way it does? And, where does The Horrorwalker vanish to when it is not interacting with the Horrorwalker human population? The beginnings of the answers can be discovered @ http://www.thehorrorwalkerworld.blogspot.com. But, expect to find other questions to deepen the mystery, too.
And here, on the Horrorwalker Travel Guide blog, Curator Ronald Lee Jones shares with you the recountings of those who have been visited by The Horrorwalker. All of these recountings come directly from the mouths of the Horrorwalker's victims who are willing to talk about their Horrorwalker experience. Some humans are more than happy to tell you their complete stories, while others have sworn the Curator to secrecy.
You may read some of the many recountings on the Horrorwalker Travel Guide blog from week to week. Also, the Horrorwalker Travel Guide gives you a pocket guide to the Horrorwalker horror. If you value your life, and you desire Horrorwalker knowledge, and you are willing to help the Curator fund his life's work of bringing you Horrorwalker horror... PURCHASE YOUR COPY OF THE HORRORWALKER TRAVEL GUIDE TODAY!
PS -- Do you want to prepare yourself for your possible own Horrorwalker visitation? The Horrorwalker might appear before you like a ghost in the darkest night, or it may appear before you like a zombie in the brightest of day. One thing is for sure, no one escapes the shock value of a Horrorwalker visitation!
The first recounting in The Horrorwalker Travel Guide is Suri Pinto's story. She perfectly relates her Horrorwalker encounter to the rest of the world. And, as she will willingly tell you, the memory of the encounter has never left her dreams.
The Curator was so affected by her tale that he even allowed her crude sketch of The Horrorwalker to grace some of these pages.
Suri's tale is the perfect beginning to The Horrorwalker Travel Guide!

Introduction 9

Suri Anne Pinto’s Horrorwalker Story
(Sumter, South Carolina) 14

Why Is There Blood on the Front of My Shirt?
(Falstaff, Arizona) 23

It’s Under My Bed
(Olympia, Washington) 37

(Atlanta, Georgia) 45

Moonlight Moth
(Washington, DC) 49

Better Late Than Never
(Boston, Massachusetts) 54

Diary Entry #73
(Wolf Point, Montana) 56

Dust on the Moon
(Tyler, Texas) 61

In Your Head
(Grand Junction, Colorado) 67

The Lack of Sleep
(Bangor, Maine) 71

What’s Eating Me?
(Robert Harmon - Montvale, NJ) 74

I’m Your Neighbor
(Valparaiso, Florida) 80

This Moment in Time
(Conway, South Carolina) 84

Enter Net Access
(Tulsa, Oklahoma) 109

On The Loose
(Caleb Marx -- New Madrid, Missouri) 112

Whispered Words
(Marion Praecox -- Arlington, Texas) 116

Watch Out For The Blades
(Seaford, Delaware) 121

Do You Hear the Whisperers?
(Harrisonburg, Virginia) 128

The Hiding Place
(Hamilton, Ohio) 130

Midnight at the Watering Hole
(Las Cruces, New Mexico) 133  
Bite Me
(Shelbyville, Tennessee) 138

Bleeding For You
(Rugby, North Dakota) 143

Cold Blood
(Sioux City, Iowa) 155

(Mojave Desert, Nevada) 159

Insulted To Death
(Parkersburg, West Virginia) 162

Deep Down South
(Bangor, Maine) 164