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Saturday, July 20, 2013


-Santa Barbara, California- 

I’m your local psychopath.
I’m so damn glad to meet you.
I've got plenty of party favors.
I've got all the stuff a crazy man is supposed to have.

I may attack you in the schoolyard. I may attack you in your home.
I may attack you at your job.
I may attack you anywhere I wish.

I keep a small handgun strapped to my ankle.
I keep a razor sharp knife in my pocket.
I keep other weapons of terror in my automobile trunk.
I have all the force for mayhem I need.

I am immune from the law because I am the law.
What I say goes and it goes as I say.
I hit below the belt to keep my target off balance.
I create the thrill because I need the thrill.

I drive the red BMW you you've seen in your rear view mirror.
I own seventy pounds of Ammo.
I've bred many a Pit Bull Terrier.
I live next door to you and you think I am normal.

What I’m doing right now is biding my time.
I’m watching you closely because you are my next target.
I’m waiting for the perfect moment to strike.
When the time is right there will be hard consequences.

I've tracked the movements of your children.
You do not watch them very closely, do you?
I've tracked the patterns of your close friends and associates.
Single women like you,
With too many children and responsibilities,
Are the ones who should be the most careful.
You should always make sure your children lock the doors behind them.
Make sure the windows are secure because I know how to get inside.
I will strike as quietly as a mouse.
I will leave like a stealthy tiger.

You would think I’m insane if you really knew me.
Lucky for me you think I’m normal.
But you don’t know my background.
You don’t know about ‘Mister Darkness’ --
He who lives in my dreams and makes me do bad things to people that are my focus!
Oh my god, the aftermath chaos is so good for his ego.
I've been told by all of the shrinks that I’m actually in control…
Of my body when ‘Mister Darkness’ takes over.
That is so much bullshit.
He is in charge during the darkest times!
Not one of the shrinks has ever asked ‘Mister Darkness’ why he does what he does.

I have grown to absolutely accept ‘Mister Darkness’ for what he is.
I now actually love the loss of control,
And welcome the arrival of the loss of my mind,
When he comes out to play.
It all makes me appreciate his handiwork even more…
When he retreats to the back of my mind.
I enjoy picking through his bloody messes.

I’m your local psychopath.
I’m so damn glad to meet you.
I've got plenty of party favors.
I've got all the stuff a crazy man is supposed to have.