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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


horrorwalkerworld.blogspot.com.com presents:

I have posted this dark example of my Horrorwalker Travel Guide tales before.
For new readers of the horror,
 Is another bloody taste of a... 
Horrorwalker Travel Guide horror tale.


Here... a tale tale of horror from a writer, most prolific and underfed..
He tried and tried to publish before he was dead!
He sent in many samples of his works...
Received many rejection letters from cold jerks,
Before deciding to rely on himself instead!

Rejection from the "Corporations are people, too" mentality is so much shit! The work is what matters... and this work is a perfect example of the kind of horror that modern short attention span people love! Short, sweet-to-the-point horror stories that make a straight line to the heart is what I am told that my fans like about what I write. And, I produce at least four of these kinds of stories every day.

I write all day, every day, about a little bit of everything. I am all over the internet. I've yet to be paid, but I KNOW I deserve pay for my work. But that desire will never stop me from writing... horror stories for horror fans!



-Seaford, Delaware-

I cannot cry because:
A dead man cannot shed tears.
My heart does not beat,
Therefore my sweat glands and tear ducts
Do not receive internal moisture.

I was once a vibrant human male!
You could cut me and I would bleed red!
But now I am a cursed abomination…
A soulless thing that must commit horrible crimes,
If I am to survive the cold void call nighttime!

I am compelled to kill humans for their blood and flesh!
Then I hide in the dark shadows by day,
Like some mangy mongrel feral animal,
Warring with my social cravings to preserve my sad life.
I am a wild animal of fangs and hair to be destroyed on sight!

And if I could cry…
I would weep saline tears over my recent soul shattering loss.
I would cry because I cannot bare to continue to walk this earth…
Without my trusty companion…
My blind German Sheppard, Elmo. 

Monday night was filled with nightmare dreams of…
The time before my turning when I was a human being.
My wife was my best friend of ten years.
My three young children were my reason for living and working.
And Elmo was my friend before my family formed.

The memories kick me like a steel toed boot to my shin!
I was attacked by a feral beast monster that night three years ago.
I spent two weeks in the hospital recovering from my back wounds.
One horrible month later -- at midnight -- the first night of the new full moon,
I transformed into the horrible monster that I am today!

I murdered my family as they slept!
I ripped them all to shreds like a pack of lions at a kill!
I ran out into the darkness to kiss the feral freedom of wild nature!
My newly created animal madness was now my reality!
And Elmo followed behind me like my compatriot in animal crime!

I now have a small bit of control over my animal id.
Until the bloodlust overtakes me, I can hide away from my prey.
I don’t think I will fight for control any longer.
This dead man cannot cry away his grief, and now…
The last visage of my formal humanity has just left me!

Elmo died list night!
He was thirteen years old and I could smell the end of his life.
I am sad inside my mind for the lost of my longtime companion.
But, I cannot cry… and so, these thoughts of emotion are moot!
And the feral part of me took over again as I held him in my arms.
I slowly ate Elmo from head to tail…
Crunching away the last parts of my humanity with each bite!
I consumed every part of my canine friend…
Licking the last drops of blood off the dirty back alley concrete floor.
And with that last taste of blood went my humanity into my stomach!

I cannot cry because:
A dead man cannot shed tears.
I am now the complete monster I was turned into!
Time to turn on my newly mindless thoughts…
And prowl the midnight for my food… and quite possibly my own death!